Making Mission Possible 2021

This autumn at St Mary of Bethany we’re in a teaching series on Poverty and Riches in Luke’s Gospel and so it seems appropriate that our theme for Making Mission Possible this year is Good News for the Poor. Both the COVID-19 pandemic and the climate emergency have disproportionally impacted vulnerable communities around the world, further exposing global inequalities: whilst we may all be facing the same storm, we are not all in the same boat.

Around our world, our Mission Partners are seeking to bring Good News to the Poor – holding out community to the marginalised, raising up voices that otherwise wouldn’t be heard, providing for those who do not have food, possessions or accessible and reliable information, advocating for those experiencing injustice. They are also sharing the love of Jesus that leads to life in all its fullness for those who have everything, yet feel they have nothing. 

This Making Mission Possible, let’s be encouraged and give thanks for how Christians faithfully and sacrificially respond to the call to bring Good News to the Poor. Let’s also be challenged about how we might respond prayerfully and financially to support our Mission Partners and, following their example, live and speak the values of the kingdom in our own local community, seeking not to turn things upside down, but instead put them the right way up, as God intended.

Bekah Clark
Chair, Go! Team

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About our mission partners

Here at SMOB we support a number of mission partners.  They are spread across the whole world, from here in Woking to Asia, America and Africa. We support these partners regularly, by tithing 10% of our income as a church. In addition to this, every year we give our mission partners a one-off gift as part of Making Mission Possible - this is provided through the generosity of individual church members. Our support helps fund their work promoting the gospel across the world. To find out more about our mission partners, click HERE or press the button above.  If you are not a member, or would simply like further information on any of our partners, then please do get in touch with GoTeam by email or through the Church Office - we love to hear from you!

As in previous years, there is an option on the form to give part of your donation directly to St Mary of Bethany Church to support our work. The Church's work is dependent upon the generosity of the church family and friends.  Our ministry extends well beyond the realms of our building - our paid staff run extensive out-reach activities in Woking, particularly in schools ministry. Whilst this looks a bit different at the moment, any gift is gratefully received and will go towards financing the church's work.

Get in Touch

If you have any questions about our Mission Partners, would like further information or would simply like to discuss, please do get in touch with GoTeam by email or through the Church Office.



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