Other ideas 

From time to time we have items for sale that are deisgned to provide income towards the church's work.

New cards for sale with the opportunity to benefit two charities with one purchase!

We are pleased to announce the arrival of a new range of cards for sale through St Mary of Bethany. The proceeds from sales will be used to benefit the ministry and mission of our church; inside, in our community and in supporting our mission partners around the world.

The cards use beautiful photographs of the nature surrounding us and are blank inside. They are suitable for all different kinds of messages; from greetings, congratulations and good wishes to the expression of condolence. They will be available as single cards (£1.00 each) and in packs of 6 (£5.00 per pack).

They can be found on a rack above the table between the doors to the Welcome Area and the pigeon holes. There will be a box underneath in which to place the money.

A secondary donation will be made from within the cost price to St Mary’s to a small charity called www.focusinonlife.org.uk, which funds specific groups and other charities working mainly with young people.

For more information please see Nick Mendham or Mike Smith