What's our children and youth team been up to?

During the lockdown we’ve all had to adapt and learn new ways of being and working. This is true for all of us on the SMOB staff team. Exiled from our building and our offices, we’ve been staying in touch with people, producing services and resources, all from our homes. This hasn’t stopped us doing many of the things we would normally do, but it has presented lots of challenges along the way.
I’ve asked Dave, Tina and Kate to use this blog to tell us a bit more about what they’ve been doing with our children and young people over lockdown, so watch this space for that. They’ve certainly been busy. Some highlights include:

  • Tina’s songs for Bethany Babes, especially ‘Old Macdonald’, complete with a cow on her sofa!
  • Kate’s weekly Zoom chats with her Explorers group.
  • Dave’s numerous YouTube clips shared with the young people on Discord.
  • The activity boxes which have materialised on the doorsteps of all the children in our groups as well as Friday Night Club.
  • I’ve even produced my first online assembly for Barnsbury School, with help as always from Doris the Dalek. 

I won’t spoil their fun by telling you more. We’ve had contact with a number of children, young people, parents and carers who we wouldn’t normally see regularly, so this time is giving us great opportunities to build these relationships. It’s exciting to be able to start meeting one-to-one in public as the lockdown begins to be relaxed. One feature of working online is that everything takes longer, especially while you’re working out how to do things, especially new and unfamiliar technology. We are all longing to see all the children and young people soon, but in the meantime our team will continue providing a full range of support to them and their carers.

Mark Wallace, 20/05/2020