Worshipping together each day and this Sunday – new instructions

It was such a blessing to live stream worship last Sunday, and thanks to everyone who sent lovely comments – it was a huge encouragement. With the new restrictions in place, unfortunately we can’t do it the same way again, but I’m hoping our new plan will be sustainable for as long as we need it.
So here’s the plan for this Sunday’s worship. We’ve got more of a ‘DIY’ service – I’m putting together a set of videos which you can watch for yourself in order, or you might want to pick and mix, substitute songs or whatever. These will all be on YouTube and there will be an order of service with links on this page on Sunday morning.
We still want to worship together on Sunday, so we’re setting up a Watch Party on our Facebook page, which will start at 10.30am, and you can use this to take part in the whole service without clicking through any other links. We will get together using Zoom after the service, and there will be a link on our Facebook page for this too.
If you want a bit of tech help, there’s plenty of time before Sunday – please email Simon or Phil.
There are two other opportunities to worship together outside Sunday mornings. I’ve recorded a simple Holy Communion service and a link to this will also be available on Sunday morning. If you’re not sure about the theology, as your priest I am taking bread and wine on your behalf, and you enter into this by joining in the prayers.
We are also joining together for Morning Prayer on Zoom at 9.00–9.30am Monday to Thursday. Check our Facebook page for joining instructions each day.
We’re conscious that not everyone has access to the technology which makes all this possible. If you’re in touch with anyone who can’t take part in our online services, please print out things from our website and share them by post.

Mark Wallace, 26/03/2020