SMOB's worship continues

Well, we celebrated Mothering Sunday with our first ever live-streamed service, the licensing of our Associate Minister and chocolate for local mums! It wasn’t quite what we’d planned, but thanks to our fantastic AV team of Matt Browne, Simon Crosland and Phil Vale the live stream went off without a hitch. This post will include some frequently asked questions about our worship and how we continue from here, and a couple of other thoughts.
If you want to see Bishop Andrew’s talk, click here.

Worship FAQs
Thank you to everyone who encouraged us on Sunday. There is such a spirit of encouragement at SMOB, and so little complaint! You are a real blessing. Inevitably some questions have come up, so here’s a good place to think about them.
Can we have services on other platforms, for people who are not on Facebook?
Yes. We’re going to release a simple said communion service on YouTube over the weekend. Unfortunately at the moment it seems the only platform for a service with up-to-date music is Facebook, as they cover all the relevant licenses.
Will we continue with 10.30am services?
Yes. It’s powerful for us all to worship together, and we do not have enough AV people to run two separate morning services. This does mean we need to bear with each other, as these services sit in between our two usual services in style.
What about communion?
See the answer above! I hope to upload communion services regularly so that you can mix and match the versions you use.
What if everyone has to self-isolate?
We are working on this scenario as it seems increasingly likely. We might be able to live stream a service and make resources like song words available, or even an online playlist. We want to try to make sure that what we are doing will be sustainable over the medium term, while these restrictions continue.
Do we have to have Mark singing all the time?
No! We have a range of worship leaders and can use songs and backing tracks online.
What about preachers?
We will continue using recorded sermons from our preaching team and will make these available via YouTube so that everyone can access them.
Any other ideas?
Yes – churches all over the world are experimenting just like us, so do share ideas and resources. Broadcast media has stepped up its Christian content, with full Sunday services on BBC local radio stations and online. The Church of England also has a weekly Sunday services and resources for daily prayer. Most churches have services or resources to share via their website and social media feeds.
We don’t rely on a single person to make our worship happen. This crisis is also an opportunity to worship in new ways, to discover new ideas and practices and to be together differently. Do share what you’re learning and encourage others as you go along.


Mark Wallace, 23/03/2020