It's that time again...

With only days to go until the General Election (drop your cakes into church asap!), I want to note a couple of things that are encouraging me amid the general noise of the campaign. Firstly, politicians are actually talking about big issues, and we have a genuine choice between competing world views. This is a major contrast from 2015 when it felt like we had several versions of the same thing on offer.
Secondly, the campaign has steered away from personal attacks, which is a very positive development. This is especially true as there are so many negative things to be said about both major party leaders! They are avoiding the slurs which have become such a big part of our public life – Christians can applaud this and join in.
Our former Archdeacon Paul Bryer tweets every day and follows a simple rule: only say positive things. Follow him and you’ll find out a lot about the churches he visits. We do well to call out good things on social media and avoid the general abuse and negativity which ends up poisoning our public life. As your granny probably said, ‘If you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say anything!’

Mark Wallace, 02/12/2019