The Reckless Love of God?

This month (September 2018), we're intorducing the worship song 'Reckless Love' to our services. There's been a fair amount written about it, because of the controversial idea of God's love being 'reckless'. For me, this matters. Part of my job is to help the church sing the truth, using songs that are helpful to understanding. As the quote (attributed to Gordon Fee) goes, "Show me a church's songs and I'll show you their theology."

So, what is the problem? I think there's good evidence, from the song, that 'reckless' here doesn't mean that God is careless, foolhardy, negligent, inconsiderate or rash - i.e. that he acts or acted without knowing the outcome or having any assurance of success.

Daren Allder, 13/09/2018