Dirty Glory and the power of prayer 

‘Seven days without prayer makes one weak.’ So goes the old board spotted outside many a church. As Christians we know the importance of prayer. Yet often we struggle to pray. We get into tired routines. We reel off cosmic shopping lists of requests for God. We find our prayers are restricted to a quick cry for help in a moment of distress, or when we can’t find a parking space.

I was challenged to think again about prayer by reading Pete Greig’s excellent book Dirty Glory. Greig is the founder of the 24/7 prayer movement and the Pastor of Emmaus Road church in Guildford. His previous book Red Moon Rising charts the first five years of 24/7; his second book God on Mute is probably the single most useful book I have for pastoral work. In it he explores the conundrum of unanswered prayer, and the times in life when God seems distant or even absent.

Dirty Glory is full of miraculous stories (which come with the caveat that they are not the norm in Christian life, and cover a large number of people over a long time). There’s a woman who finds a huge amount of money in her cleaning cupboard, which she knows no one could have put there. When she removes it, more appears; this happens several times. We read of healings and God’s unmistakeable calling to new places. And this is all surrounded by the reality of a Christian community praying as though their lives depended on it.

The challenge for us at St Mary of Bethany is to be a community that prays like we mean it. My sense is that our prayer lives as individuals are stronger than our corporate prayer life. If we are going to grasp the challenge of being God’s transforming people in Woking: to love Jesus, to serve and tell others, to be community, we will need to be alive to prayer. We will need to intercede with God powerfully. We will need to listen to him. We will need to unleash the power and presence of the Holy Spirit at every opportunity. We will need to pray into our situation as a church: is there something restricting us? What is holding us back?

May I encourage you to use all the resources we have to offer? Our monthly prayer diary is excellent and covers every area of our work and mission. There’s something powerful about the whole church praying for the same thing every day. We have a Prayer Warriors email list where we share urgent prayer requests. Every month we have either a Prayer and Praise service on a Sunday evening or a Wednesday evening Central Prayer Meeting. All our Sunday services include the opportunity to pray with other people.

As you pray, invite God to transform your heart and empower our life together as a church. Spend time listening to him through his word in the Bible, and asking his Holy Spirit to speak to you. Share what you hear. God wants to do amazing things through us!

Dirty Glory is published by Hodder, priced £9.99, and is available at our local Christian bookshop Origin at Christ Church Woking.

Mark Wallace, 01/06/2018